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We sew insulation mattresses in accordance to the drawings submitted by you. The insulation mattress provides many advantages. It may be used for all types of steam and heating systems or, if you need a flexible and easily from valves removed insulation. The insulation mattress is manufactured from many various materials, which is why, it is not afraid of high temperature (up to 1,200 ˚C).

The materials are determined while coordinating with the clients, because the materials largely depend on the purpose of the mattress. The mounting is quick and easy, because the mattresses are manufactured with hooks or fastening tape, having regard to the needs of the clients.

Types of mattresses

The insulation mattresses are always manufactured in accordance to the submitted specifications.
All forms and sizes mattresses may be manufactured, the temperature resistance of which is up to 1,200 ˚C.
  • 40-60 mm thickness mineral wool comprise the standard insulation mattresses. The glass fiber covers the mineral wool from both sides.

  • We can also offer silicon-coated glass fiber. Its surface does not absorb liquids and is easily cleaned.

The assortment of our products:
  • Insulation mattress “A” – suitable for surface temperature up to 200 °C.
  • Insulation mattress “B” – suitable for surface temperature up to 700 °C.
  • Insulation mattress “C” – suitable for surface temperature up to 1,200 °C.

Advantages of mattresses

Why removable insulation mattresses are a splendid insulation solution for your industrial projects?
The main advantages of removable insulation mattresses:

  • First of all, it is a lot easier to mount insulation mattresses than insulate and tin the pipework. We all know that even high quality systems sometimes fail and demand certain maintenance or inspection. Very often, these parts are insulated and tined.

  • Quick return on investment due to small maintenance.

  • The insulated equipment may be easily inspected.

  • It is easy to dismount and mount the insulation mattress.

  • When encountering problems associated with insulated and tinned pipework, you will need not only special tools, but also specific skills for insulation and tinning works. When you will remove insulation and tinning, you will have to give much attention when re-mounting these materials. Sometimes, old materials aren’t fit anymore and you need to buy new ones.

  • Textile insulation does not rust. Flexible insulation mattresses are manufactured from high quality and durable Teflon-coated textile material or silicon coating.

  • Due to these special coatings, insulation mattresses have an advantage against tinned elements, which cannot be corrosion resistant. Teflon or silicon coat does not allow water, oils or acids to react with textile material.

Insulation mattress may be used for various purposes:
  • Insulation mattresses may be used for a couple purposes. The main areas of application are heat insulation; however, it may be also used as sound insulation. Sound absorbance may be used for various purposes – from industrial to architectural projects. In industry, mattresses meant for insulation may help minimizing the noise of mechanical equipment.

  • The removable insulation mattresses more quickly return investments for the factory, ship owner or operator.


What is the main use of insulation mattresses?2020-09-07T17:30:20+00:00

Insulating mattresses are used in Industry, oil rigs. Insulating mattresses are mounted on  exhaust system and exhaust components. Steam pipes, steam boilers, and their fittings such as flanges, valves, filters.

What are insulation mattresses?2020-09-07T17:26:31+00:00

Insulating mattress is insulation which a sew with glass cloth. The mounting is quick and easy, because the mattresses are manufactured with hooks or fastening tape, having regard to the needs of the clients.

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